© Photo by Lill-Hege Klausen


About ME

Norwegians are born with skis on their feet. When I was born in 1973, they were temporarily out of skis - so I got a pencil instead. As a result I have little talent for skiing - and a huge passion for drawing! 

After school I studied Fine Art. I did not know that it was possible to make pictures for a living so I got a BA (Hons) degree in Graphic Design. In my spare time I studied photography and fell in love with Rui (now my husband). I worked as a school book designer in Britain, before we moved to Portugal. Twelve years and one illustration course later - we saddled the cat and returned to Norway... 

Since then I have worked as a full-time illustrator out of my studio at Hydrogenfabrikken (Fredrikstad). I am a member of Grafill, the Blender Collective and co-founder of Illustrativet - a group of local illustrators who meet up regularly to drink lots of coffee and talk about illustration and once a year we make an exhibition together. 

One of my favourite activities is creating 3D objects (like puppet theatre, tiny twelve string guitars or toilet roll figures). At work I often build collages with many layers and I have set myself the challenge of using only paper - as well as the occasional wooden toothpick. I have great fun adding surprising or quirky details from magazine clippings to my illustrations. 

I love stories and find inspiration in films, words, nature, every day life, materials. Well, about materials… I have always been an enthusiastic treasure hunter and my collection of found odd bits and pieces is probably responsible for giving Rui a few extra gray hairs. Most people might call it junk - but I see great potential!

My pictures have been used in advertising and magazines and I have designed and illustrated many books for children. A big dream is to both write and illustrate my own stories. Whatever the project, my aim is always to make every image better than the last - hopefully also a memorable one... I have the best job in the world!

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