© Photo by Lill-Hege Klausen


About ME

It is said that Norwegians are born with skis on their feet. In 1973 they were out of skis so I got a pencil instead and started to draw immediately.  

At university I studied Fine Art, then Graphic Design and about the same time I fell in love with photography, expresso coffee and Rui (now my husband).

My first job was as a school book designer at Oxford University Press. School books are full of illustrations. When I discovered that there were people making those pictures for a living I though they must have the best job in the world...

We lived in Portugal for several years where I worked as a designer and studied illustration. The opportunity to make the pictures for a children´s book ("O descobridor de histórias") came along and I was completely hooked from page one. I have been working as a full-time illustrator ever since.

I am now back in Norway with Rui, baby and Figo the cat. I am a member of the Blender Collective with a studio in Fredrikstad city centre. My pictures have been used in advertising and magazines and I have designed and illustrated many books for children. Storytelling is my passion and whatever the project I always aim to to make every image better than the last.

Earlier this year my (second) biggest dream - to both write and illustrate my own book - came true. Now I am working on my second book. This IS the best job in the world!